It’s time to build!  Here’s what’s happened since our class last met!

Mrs. Downey and Ms. Coffey went shopping at Lowes:

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Then they went and met with some other teachers at Burton Center for Arts and Technology.  They saw lots of cool things at Burton!


Mr. Sheldon and Mr. Jones looked at the 4th Graders Design Brief and made a plan to cut three Free Little Libraries.  Mr. Sheldon used the best ideas and measurements from each group and made a few changes of his own.  Then he quickly built a proto-type.



Then he had his high school students cut the wood and pre-drill the holes for the Fourth Graders.


Now it’s time to build!  Here are our safety rules:

  1. Wear safety goggles at all times.
  2. Let the teacher know immediately if you get hurt, no matter how small the injury.
  3. Do not touch tools without adult supervision.
  4. Make sure you understand directions before starting anything.
  5. Follow ALL directions.

We can’t wait to see what the finished products look like!