• Student Voices

    Three students from Oak Grove Elementary had a chance to participate in a webcast for the Virginia Society of Technology in Education for Virginia Connected Educator Month.  This webcast was part of a series of interviews with students around the state of Virginia about their views on technology in school.  If you are interested in… Continue Reading

  • Invent Anything Summer MakerCamp

    I am reminded every single time that I work with kids in the MakerSpace that their imaginations and creativity will outshine my expectations if I step out of their way and just support the skills they need in the moment. Here is the latest… Rising 2nd-5th Graders particiapted in the Invent Anything (with LittleBits) workshop.… Continue Reading

  • Light Up Mother’s Day Cards

    “You light up my life!” “You light up my heart!” “You are the light of my life.” “You make my day shine!” “You make me shine!” “You light my way.” “You shine like a star.” “You are my shining star.” These are just a few of the sayings second graders used on their light up… Continue Reading

  • Kinetic Sand Measurement

    Third grade students made kinetic sand to practice measurement and to sell in our MakerShop. The recipe we liked is here: Kinetic Sand Ingredients • Baking soda • Baoking powder • Dishwashing liquid Directions 1. Mix together • 1 cup baking soda • 1 cup baking powder • ½ cup dish soap 2. Knead the… Continue Reading

  • Pocket LightSabers

    DesignMakeTeach had VSTE Conference members make pocket light sabers, and we fell in love with the idea.  We have been handing out kits to make your own at a few conferences lately.  They are very easy to make using an LED, a coin cell battery, a small (business card-sized) piece of tagboard, a straw, and small… Continue Reading