CitizenshipMixtape of Examples

  • Showcasing PBIS videos
  • Practicing global citizenship
  • Giving kind and relevant feedback to peers

CreativityMixtape of Examples

  • Uploading videos created in other apps (app smashing)
  • Impersonating famous people
  • Showcasing projects (STEM, PBL, etc.)

CollaborationMixtape of Examples

  • Recording books or math problems for younger students
  • Recording “guess the…” videos
  • Providing feedback to classmates

CommunicationMixtape of Examples

  • Use in newsletters to showcase classwork
  • Responses from the community on different topics
  • Presenting projects

Critical ThinkingMixtape of Examples

  • Explaining solutions to problems
  • Demoing how to use math/ reading strategies
  • Creating quiz or riddle questions for classmates
  • Retelling stories


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*Big thanks to all the Oak Grove teachers for promoting #studentvoice (and for making PBIS “Wrong Way” Videos, which were hilarious). Also thanks to Jeanine Poyner (and the HLH 4th grade team) and Joy Rottkamp for sharing some awesome examples of their work with Flipgrid.*