Here are the resources from our presentation on Minecraft Edu at the Virginia Children’s Engineering Conference.

Try out Minecraft Edu:

Find Lessons on the Minecraft Edu website:

Check out the Design Briefs the Roanoke County Elementary ITRT Team has created:

1st Growing Patterns

2nd National Symbols

2nd Native American Tribes

3rd Fairy Tale Reimaged in Minecraft

3rd Types of Consumers Design Brief

3rd Water Cycle Minecraft


4th Area, Perimeter, Arrays, Number Patterns

4th Fraction Makeover Minecraft Design Brief- 100 blocks

4th Jamestown_1Day_Minecraft Design Brief

4th Jamestown_2Day_ Minecraft Design Brief

4th Regions of VA Minecraft design brief

4th Wild Robot Minecraft Design Brief

4th-5th Solar System with Code

5th Bridge to Terabithia in Minecraft

5th Cell Minecraft Design Brief

5th International Space Station

5th Ocean Floor Minecraft Design Brief

5th-Setting and Characters (Mood)