Students at Fort Lewis elementary just finished participating in a Summer Coding course called Global Programmers, run by Level Up Village.  Many of these students had prior experience coding in the Fort Lewis Code Club that ran last Spring.  But a few had not.  Even so, students caught on quickly, and began by using Scratch to create an introduction for their partner in Kenya.
Twili’s Intro (from Kenya)

Thomas’ Intro (from US)

They also sent video messages back and forth to their partners, asking questions and sharing things about their lives.

Throughout the week long camp, they practiced different skills in Scratch, and finally worked with their partner to program a racing game based on solar energy.

Check our their awesome two-player racing games (that they created together with their Kenyan partner):

Diana and Thomas’ Game

Twili and Christian’s Game

Mwongeli and Katie Grace’s Game

Students were very proud of their co-created games, and loved Scratch so much they continued to program even more things! They especially got carried away with sounds!

Nine Cat Game

David’s Best Creation

Happy Birthday

On the last day of camp, parents visited to see what their children had been doing all week.  Students showed off their awesome creations, and demonstrated how they communicated with their partners in Kenya.

Global Programmers was such a fun camp!