We are excited to be running an all day Makerspace at VASCD this year!  Here are a few of the activities that we will have available:

  • 3D Printer
  • WindTube
  • Build a Hologram Viewer, Hovercraft, or Light Up Twirler
  • Learn to use Paper Circuits
  • Have fun placing yourself in the future with green screen technology
  • Make futuristic music
  • And play and program a variety of robots

Activity Alignment with SOLs

Our Makerspace is completely hands-on, so come in a build all sorts of projects based on a Future theme, and talk to us about how we have implemented Makerspaces in our division and what we have learned along the way.

We will be happy to discuss basic Makerspace questions  for people just beginning to explore the topic.

  • What is a Makerspace?
  • How does making support the learning process?
  • What is the difference between making and Children’s Engineering and how does it relate to STEM?
  • What are some common elements in successful Makerspaces?
  • What is involved is setting up a Makerspace?

We are also excited to delve into questions and comments from folks already using Makerspaces in their division.

  • What are ways teachers can encourage students to reflect on their learning in the Makerspace?
  • What are ways to ensure that activities in the Makerspace are student driven and also help support standards?
  • What are ways to make Makerspaces accessible for all students?
  • What role can empathy play in the design process?
  • How can a school Makerspace solicit support from the community?

Come by to visit, make, explore and share.  In the Movers and Makers podcast Episode 7, Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University in the UK, Sugata Mitra, talks about how connectivity enhances innovation.  What a true concept!  Come by and connect with us and your colleagues on this hot topic so we can foster even more innovative practices in our schools!